Sid Sheehan

Nutritional Therapist & Professional Chef with almost twenty years professional cookery experience.
Our Nutritional Therapist, Sid Sheehan has the rare advantage of also being a professional chef. Through his in-depth training and knowledge, he can guide you towards a longer healthier life. Often the prospect of eliminating specific foods can be daunting. Instead of centring the discussion on what you can't consume, Sid will focus on foods that will suit your diet, creating bespoke tailor-made recipes. Every client is completely unique and Sid understands that no two cases are the same. Whether you are an experienced cook or a complete novice Sid will work with you to create a dietary plan perfect for your individual needs. 
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Nutritional Therapy links what you eat to your overall health.  It is a natural approach which helps people to maximise their health potential by focusing on eating or eliminating particular foods for therapeutic benefit. 

Nutritional Therapists advise on a wide range of health concerns from relatively minor issues such as dry skin, insomnia or fatigue to chronic health complaints such as inflammatory bowel disease, arthritis or depression. Nutritional therapy can also help prevent potential illnesses, aid in weight gain/loss and support pregnancy. 

Rather than treating the symptoms of illness, a Nutritional Therapist will treat the root cause of the problem through dietary adjustments and, sometimes, supplements to help support the body. 

The initial consultation typically takes 1-1½ hrs. During this time a thorough and detailed case history will be taken, looking at past and current illnesses, family history of illness, past and current medications and current diet and lifestyle. Also during the consultation some non-invasive functional testing may be required such as tongue and nail analysis, and blood pressure.

Your Nutritional Therapist will work with you to discuss your aims and needs. An individual treatment plan will be devised for you with necessary dietary modifications and the inclusion of vitamin and mineral supplementation if required. A food intolerance test may be advisable but it is not essential. The primary aim of a Nutritional Therapist is to give you the necessary skills and knowledge required to achieve your own optimal health.

Food intolerances occur when the digestive system is no longer able to process particular foods as they pass down the digestive tract. This results in a build up of many poisonous toxins, which then pass through into the bloodstream where they cause infection and inflammation in the body.

At Nourish by Nature we provide the Lorisian Food Intolerance Test. This simple pin prick blood test is quick and easy to perform and involves drawing a small amount of blood from the finger. Your blood sample will be sent for laboratory analysis where it will be screened for intolerance’s to various foods. Laboratory testing is the only reliable scientific way of testing for food intolerances. People who have food intolerances tend to have two to three primary problem foods and a small number of secondary foods. This test is able to detect those primary problematic foods.

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Usually a follow up appointment is required to monitor your progress and to make any changes to your treatment plan. A follow up appointment takes approximately 45 minutes.

An initial consultation is €80.

Follow-up appointments are €45.

Lorisan Food Intolerance Testing is priced at €249 and tests over 200 foods.

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"Visiting Sid at Nourish by Nature honestly changed my life. I had been having debilitating migraines for as long as I could remember. I had been for numerous tests and CT scans over the years but the doctors could never find the issue. I was very sceptical about nutritional therapy to be honest but I was willing to try anything. I had a consultation and a food intolerance test, then over the next few months I eliminated and reintroduced certain foods. Along the way Sid gave me incredible recipes tailor made to my diet which meant I didn't feel like I was missing out on my favourite foods. I think this was the key to my success. It's now been 5 years and I'm delighted to say I am migraine free and I feel healthier all round. I also lost weight and improved other digestive issues I was having. I can't recommend Nourish by Nature highly enough."
Kevin K
Operations Director, Dublin