What is Nutritional Therapy?nutrition-advice

Nutritional Therapy is a natural, evidence based approach using the latest scientific research to help people maximise their health potential. It is an individual centred approach focusing on eating or eliminating particular foods for therapeutic benefit. When we fall ill, our bodily systems are out of balance and this is represented by many different symptoms.

The fundamental aim of Nutritional Therapy is to identify and treat the cause of the illness rather than the symptom

How does a Nutritional Therapist work?

A Nutritional Therapist works with the basic understanding that every client is completely unique and individual and so, no two cases are the same. As each individual has a different physiological make-up so does their dietary and nutritional requirements. For thousands of years food has been used for its beneficial properties in the treatment of many chronic conditions.

A Nutritional Therapist fully understands and recognizes that the food we eat has a direct impact on our well-being. Through their in depth training and knowledge they can help guide you towards a longer healthier life absent of chronic illness

What happens in the consultation?

Step One
The initial consultation typically takes 1-1½ hrs. During this time a thorough and detailed case history will be taken, looking at past and current illnesses, family history of illness, past and current medications and current diet and lifestyle. Also during the consultation some non-invasive functional testing may be required such as tongue and nail analysis, and blood pressure.
Step Two
Your Nutritional Therapist will then work with you to discuss your aims and needs. An individual treatment plan will be devised for you with necessary dietary modifications and the inclusion of vitamin and mineral supplementation if required.
Step Three
The primary aim of a Nutritional Therapist is to give you, the client the necessary skills and knowledge required to achieve your own optimal health.
Step Four
Usually a follow up appointment is required to monitor your progress and to make any changes to your treatment plan. A follow up appointment takes approx: 45 minutes

Initial consultation costs: €80

Follow-up: €45

Lorisian Food Intolerance

At Nourish by Nature we provide the Lorisian Food Intolerance Test. This simple pin prick blood test is quick and easy to perform and involves drawing a small amount of blood from the finger. Your blood sample will be sent for laboratory analysis where it will be screened for intolerance’s to various foods. Laboratory testing is the only reliable scientific way of testing for food intolerances. People who have food intolerance tend to have two to three primary foods causing all their problems with a small number of secondary foods. This test is able to detect those primary problematic foods.


  • Lorisian 50 – €149
  • Lorisian 75 – €199
  • Lorisian 100 – €249
  • Lorisian 150 €299